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Katalin Bancsó
Beauty therapist

Many years of experience with the most outstanding beauty firms of the world made me convinced that modern technology combined with traditional skin care treatments yield the best results.
Due to the innovative technology applied it is my personal experience that the products and beauty treatments of SENSAI have a quick and lasting effect on women.
During the treatments my aim is to provide my clients with both a physical and mental relaxation while their skin rejuvenates under the soothing creams of SENSAI.
I believe that ultimate beauty is the perfect compilation of both internal and external factors.





Ágnes Koller
Beauty therapist

I have been working as a cosmetician since 1984, for me this industry is more about passion rather than just a job.

I am very fortunate that from the early stages of my career, I worked at a very well qualified place, a wellness center, where I worked with a lot of premium products, also with all of these products helped me to learn new procedures and technicians.

Personally, I think it is very important to develop my skills to be able to perform each and every day 100% to my clients/patients.

The IMAGE SKINCARE protocols are the perfect example of professionalism, and I aim for helping my patients to feel comfortable in their own skin. I bring all of my knowledge, experience and dedication to each one of my patients, and increase awareness on the best way to take care of their skin.

AGE LATER - Live longer, age later!




Ágnes Lázók
Hair stylist

One of my desires was to one day belong to László Hajas' team, and I already found myself there as an apprentice in one of his stores. Persistent work brings its "fruit", so I expanded the Hair Salon team for 12 years.

I took part in various competitions, fashion shows and film work, and to this day I am constantly improving my expertise, taking part in workshops and trainings. The most professional products (Morrocconoil Loreal, Wella, Brasil Cacau) help me in my daily work, I have been working with these brands for many years now to my satisfaction, there are no limits to my creativity.

The satisfaction of my guests is the most important thing for me, since the main measure of a good professional and professional knowledge is the returning guest. In 2018, I completed a master's course and thus I can continue to work as a master hairdresser with pride, thus I can gain a higher level of professional knowledge.

The Metropolitan is the place where quality and satisfaction meets.





Gergely Tóth

I’m Geri, the proud owner of this cool and exclusive barber shop that’s all about providing top-notch grooming services and creating a unique experience for my clients.

Located in the heart of Budapest, my shop is a haven for those who appreciate style, precision, and a touch of luxury. From classic cuts to modern styles, I am dedicated to delivering the perfect look tailored to everyone’s taste and personality.

But it’s not just about the haircuts here. I believe in creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where my clients can unwind, enjoy a refreshing beverage, and leave feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh fade, a stylish beard trim, or a complete grooming makeover, I am here to make it happen. I stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques to ensure that you always leave my shop looking and feeling your absolute best.

So, if you’re in Budapest and in need of professional grooming experience, come visit me at Budapest Borbély. I can’t wait to welcome you and give you the ultimate barber shop experience! 

"Making clients happy is not a job, it's my purpose!"