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Casual makeup

The steps of an express make-up are completed by shadowing of the lid. The forming of the eyes and lip can apply stronger colours and brighter texture of paints or delicate, pail (light) and dull (deep and matte) colours as well, taking into consideration the character of the customer. I pay great attention to the endurance in order to have the super make-up all the night long. It is ideal for any kind of occasion as a weekend party, ball or either a company programme..

Makeup specialist

We give you practical advises to make a most proper make-up of your character and skin type helping your common and occassional distinguished and in-style appearance.

There is a possibility to learn the make-up of the day and a casual one during 120 minutes of the workshop. You can know what kind of colours and forms fit to your face character and how can you emphasize the most beautiful lines of your face.
According to an appointment any of the make-ups can be completed with false lashes, individual or full line.

On request I am ready to go to an outside location.

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