OPTIKOP Laser treatment - Ágnes Koller – MetropolitanBudapest
OPTIKOP Laser treatment - Ágnes Koller

OPTIKOP Laser treatment - Ágnes Koller

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The OPTIKOP soft laser is based on the laser used in medical technology, which was further developed for cosmetic purposes by Hungarian physicist Ervin Tanos in the 1990s. Cosmetic lasers stimulate cellular metabolism and cellular energy transport, which increases the skin's oxygen uptake, collagen production, lymph flow and capillary circulation.
The OPTIKOP Soft laser, a safe, painless skin rejuvenation and regeneration treatment, dramatically improves skin condition and function by getting at the different layers of the skin.

For cosmetic use:
wrinkle repair, skin regeneration
increase the number of collagen fibres
anti-inflammation and pain relief
treatment of acne, eczema, rosacea
treatment of scar tissue
herpes simplex, herpes zoster
treatment of cellulite and stria

Treatment prices: from 8000 (for IMAGE Skincare treatment) to 10000 (OPTIKOP laser treatment only)

Payment in cash at the salon.

Duration: 30'- 60'