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Long, thick, curvy eyelashes

Big lashes can give a new character to the face: they make the eyes shine larger than life. Today’s technology offers solution for those who doesn’t have long, thick lashes and doesn’t want to use temporary false lashes. Permanent lashes or lash extension is a very popular new method to get long, thick yet natural looking eyelashes. /p>

At Metropolitan our expert, Ágnes Koller uses the newest technology and tools. Single lashes are glued one by one to each natural lash with a stong, elastic adhesive. Neither the new lashes nor the glue touches the eyelid to cause any irritation. Application takes an hour or two during wich our guest can relax completely.

The extension lashes can last for up to 2 month before they start to fall out with the natural lashes (it’s a natural process). They don’t need any special care, can resist water, tears or sweat, although oil-based eye make-up remover or regular rubbing of the eye can fasten their falling out.
Lash extensions varies in length, color and thickness so everyone can choose the perfect set for making her eyes even more beautiful.

Permanent lash extension can be recommended for those who


 wants even longer, curvier eyelashes
– desires to be beautiful from the moment of getting out of the bed
– doesn’t have time to touch up their make-up regularly during the day
– exercises a lot and doesn’t want to use eye mascara

How to take care of your permanent eye extensions:
Avoid water for 2 hours after application
– Don’t go to a sauna in the first 48 hours after application
– Don’t curve your new eyelashes
– Avoid oil-based products around your eyes as much as possible!

Thinking about trying out permanent eyelashes? Call us or take an online look at our calendar for a consultation appointment!

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