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Nowadays the good looking is more and more important for the gentlemen too. An everyday routine is shaving and it is supposed that everybody is competent. The fact is, however, that technique of shaving can not be slighted at all. For most of the gentlemen it is a big problem to have everyday a smooth face, nevertheless the fresh and nicely shaved face is a part of the groomed appearance.

Beside the classical haircut the Barbershop of Metropolitan offers to the customers the traditional shaving by blade and/or safety razor blade, trimming of the moustache and the beard. Moreover, a lot of care is also taken to remove any unnecessary hair or pile of nose, ear or neck. The best result can be achieved by the traditional shaving knife, and using it is also a first class attraction. Shaving the face as flat as a pencake by a knife products specifically a masculine effect changing the everyday routine to more enjoyable and ceremoniously. In spite of that we do not advice to make trials at home, especially with tools available now because injuries can be occured. Rather let the hands of experts to carry out the process! Those choosing the traditional shaving will have an unforgettable adventure for sure. The shaving process starts with an oil massage of the face which helps softening the hair and reduces the irritation owned to the shave. The next step is to cover the face with a hot towel in order to soften customer’s skin and by the way to offer a very pleasant and relaxing feeling. Prior to the shaving process we use a tuft of budger for distributing the softening cream evenly on the face and lifting the hair. This procedure is followed by the shaving with a knife of changeable blades. The result speaks for itself: not only the skin is nicer and smoother but the altogether 20-30 minute process is easier tolerable.

The Metropolitan Barbershop applies the professional products of the American Crew family for shaving and facing treatment of gentlemen.


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