CLARINS body treatments and LUMENIS laser hair removal

Super Hidrator treatment

Drenches dry or dehydrated skin in moisture, dramatically transforming its texture. Suddenly your body feels smooth and silky-soft to the touch. Our natural beauty secret… Hawaiian Candlenut Oil, which has excellent skin nourishing properties.

Body Firmer treatment

Restores youthful firmness and deep-downluxurious softness to skin that’s starting to lose condition. Your body looks and feels more supple, toned and revitalized, your skin is nourished and satin-smooth and stretch marks are less noticeable. Our natural beauty secret… Bocoa, an ancient Amazonian tree known for its firming properties.

Gentle Skin Smoother treatment

Visibly brighter, super-soft skin is the main benefit of this highly efficient body treatment. Enriched with fruit enzymes, it also refines, refreshes and detoxifies. Body products applied afterwards are perfectly absorbed. Our naturalbeauty secrets… exfoliating and firming powdered Bamboo from India and detoxifying African Moringa Seed extract.

LUMENIS LightSheer laser hair removal

In the past, remedies for unwanted hair included plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis or chemical

depilatories. Some are painful. Some are messy, and all are only temporary.

Laser hair removal is a more effective solution. The LUMENIS LightSheer  uses state-of-the-art diode lasers with vacuum-assist technology to remove unwanted hair and with greater speed and comfort than other methods.

This laser targets the pigment located in the hair follicle and shaft. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and this energy is converted to heat which results in damage to the hair follicle.

We recommend 8-10 treatments, but after 3-4 times will see results.