agoston-doriDóri Ágoston
Hand and foot care

I’m Dori Agoston, working as a manicurist-pedicurist and nail designer since 2010. I find it essential to use quality, esthetically pleasing, anti-allergenic products, such as those from Indigo Nails, Young Nails and Zoya Goes Pretty. Clients who cannot resist biting their nails stand very close to my heart, I am happy to help them get rid of this addiction. I believe in continuous learning and development, and keep myself up to date with changes in fashion. I am passionately following the contemporary trends in nail design and learning all the new tricks and techniques. I put a lot of effort in providing my clients with a wide selection of the latest trend colors besides the evergreen classics. I am happiest when there are no limits to my creativity, while I also love nails looking natural and refined. I am happily looking forward to meet all of you who would like to have the nails of your dreams.

Bancso_KatalinKatalin Bancsó
Beauty therapist

Many years of experience with the most outstanding beauty firms of the world made me convinced that modern technology combined with traditional skin care treatments yield the best results.
Due to the innovative technology applied it is my personal experience that the products and beauty treatments of SENSAI have a quick and lasting effect on women.
During the treatments my aim is to provide my clients with both a physical and mental relaxation while their skin rejuvenates under the soothing creams of SENSAI.
I believe that ultimate beauty is the perfect compilation of both internal and external factors

bedone-juliJuli Bedő

Belovari_AdelAdél Belovári

To me Metropolitan is a lot more then a workplace. It is a place in the urban crowd, where joy and smile are regular guests. Thanks to my personality I like to be surrounded by people and deal with people. Thus the definition of daily routine gains a new meaning, since every day is different, every guest has a different personality, so there is no room for monotony in my life.

Bereczki_RenataRenáta Bereczki
Hair stylist

I always knew what I wanted to choose as a profession:
I wanted to be a hairdresser. My dreams came true 13 years ago, when I graduated and when 11 years ago I started to work with the professional products of KEUNE. Since then I became a trainer at the company as well.

Besides working at Metropolitan I often work at fashion photo shoots and competitions, where my creativity can go well beyond the everyday hairstyles.

As continuous learning is also very important for me I regularly travel abroad to trainings, to be up to date with the newest styles and products.

My priority is that both my client and me should be satisfied with her/his coiffure, in my work I aim uniqueness and like to create hairdos wich stand out from the crowd.

Ecsedi SzilviSzilvi Ecsedi
Hair dresser, hair extensions

I am lucky to have my passion as my job. I love the beauty of my work, its many faces and its ability to constant renewal by the changes of fashion.
I completed my education in 2009 at the school of Laszlo Hajas hair stylist. Since then I have been working in several salons, where I have gained tremendous knowledge and professional experience. After these years I continued my education with completing a top level course in hair extensions.
That’s where I realized that I have found my real calling on the field of my profession.
I got mesmerized by the harmony created by cutting, coloring and using extensions together. The fusion of these processes is able to give the change, joy and satisfaction to both my clients and I which we all wish for.
During the past 5 years I have gained exceptional experience and learnt to work with around 10 different techniques. This knowledge helps me to achieve exactly what my clients are dreaming about.
I strive to get the most natural results possible, taking special care to keep the natural hair neat and healthy under the extensions.
My ultimate goal is my clients’ satisfaction, that they leave my chair feeling they completely own their new long, thick and shiny hair.

Juca DiaDiana Juca

Moticska EmeseEmese Kecskés

Kolada_AnnaAnna Kolada

I am one of those lucky people whose profession is their hobby as well. I always try to achieve a hairstyle that is perfect for my guests demands, this is why I consider continuous development and learning as a must. Keeping in mind all this, I regularly take part in Hungarian and international shows and seminars, in order to get inspiration and get to know the latest trends that I can incorporate into my work. For me Metropolitan is not only a workplace, but a place to live up to my creativity, making our clients happy. Where our guests can leave all their problems behind and stepping out happy and satisfied, feeling they have become a new person.

Koller ÁgiÁgnes Koller
Beauty therapist

I was attracted to the mistic world of beauty products and therapy since my childhood. Now, being a beauty therapist for 33 years I still feel enthusiastic when working. Continous learning is also important in my profession, as new products debut everyday.

I want to provide the best treatment to all my guests when I really enjoy using the unique technics and skincare products. I feel very excited  being able to work with brands like IMAGE Skincare, that can guarantee long-lasting and prominent results. Not only my guests but I can always be satisfied and feel happy after a treatment.

Lia Kraffel
Hand and foot care


Lázók ÁgiÁgi Lázók

It was one of my dreams to be a member of László Hajas team, and suddenly I found myself in one of his saloon as a student. As a result of my persistence, I had the chance to work there for 11 years. I have been participated in several competitions, fashion shows and also on movie sets. I am keen on to develop and refresh my professional knowledge from time to time, that’s why I’m visiting several workshops and trainings.

I use L’Oreal  products for 10 years and surprisingly, it has never limited my creativity. I believe that a real professional’s measure is the returning client, that is why my top priority is to satisfy my guests. I recently joined to the Metropolitan saloon, where I feel myself as a valuable member of a great team.

Nagy_JuliaJúlia Nagy
Make-up artist

Toth_GergelyGergely Tóth