Lymph massage (Drainage):

Lymph massage is a physiotherapy where we increase the liquid flow in the lymphotic channels by using a technique of soft catching the tissue. The therapy results the improved resistivity of the lymph system, it cures in a great extent other metabolic disturbances, detoxificates and last but not least strengthens the immune system. Moreover it stretches the skin and very successful against cellulites.Slimming and body shaping effects are also significant, prior to a slimming diet it is absolutely advisable as the loss of the weight is faster and more successful due to the accelerated lymphotic circulation.Up to the end of the treatment, balanced and calm nerves are resulted.

Full body chocolate massage with erasing:

The chocolate massage cream contains vitamins of high value for the skin.It has intense energyzing, unwrinkling and refilling effectson the skin. It improves the metabolistic processes, the tension and stretch of the skin, and hydrates the same.Thanks to the wellknownendorfine producing effect of the chocolate, it helps to the harmonic charging of both the skin and the body, and the soul as well. Massage follows the erasing of the body.

Pempering, vital wellness massage:

During our giddy-paced life our body and soul are exhausted. Because of that we become more melancholy and more easily tired. Due to the refreshing massage (done by cream) body and soul are regenerated, charged and the organ is renewed.

Relaxing Swedish massage:

Massage is done by gentle, slow, stroking movements. Aside of a pleasant and silent music it releaves the stress, purifies the whole energy system of the body, has relaxing and painkilling, tranquilizing effects. It helps to balance the harmony of body, soul and spirit.

Oriental healing massage:

My special massages contain the elements of Eastern medical massage, Swedish massage and chiropractice too, working both dry and with oil. The “mixed” massage is aspecially effective to reduce the pain of back, neck, and hip. This technique unifies all the benefits of Eastern and Western massages.Over the working of the muscles the Eastern techniques effect mainly on the energetical system while the Western skill working with oil influences favourably the circulation of the blood and lymph respectively. It results a total revival with immediate effect.Massage is carried out laying on the floor (on a mat).

Special balance massage:

The Eastern medical massage containing the most effective elements of Yumeiho, Shiatsu és Thai massages facilitates the free streamline of the vital energy. It makes stronger if weak and dissolves the barriers of the circulation. With this holisticapproach the person is considered as one unit of body, soul and spirit.The treatment has an effect on the whole person, it treats not only the symptom.By consciously massaging and pressing the special energy points, a deep and total relaxation of the whole body, soul and spirit can be achieved and it awakes the self-medicating energies. The medicating processes effecting on the whole person are started by energyzing and pressing the nerve track of the spine.

Head and face massage:

The face massage has an effect on our full energetical system and the soul. The energy makes free and calm,the beauty of the body and soul is coming true The regular application vanishes the symptoms of the stress, tensions and mimicaltransformations.The treatment has slow, gentle and stroking movements.

Refreshing feet, partly reflexological, sole massage:

It pempers the sole, refreshes the circulation. It helps to detoxinate the organby the strong stimulation of the terminal nerves on the sole. By that means the way our feel is better because it let the toxic materials to leave already after one treatment.