The company DR. GRANDEL GRANDEL produces his beauty brand, the leading professional 2grandelproduct in Germany. The company of Augsburg has the slogan “Beauty in the best hands” mediating the reliability of both the products and the experts using them.
19 ranges of the professional product line are present in Hungary for more then 15 years and they support the work of cosmeticians by nearly 250 products not only at the treatments in the beauty parlor but at the aside grooming of the customers in their homes. Beside the products they have an extremely great commitment to develop treatment protocols and special techniques for massage.


2imageThe commitment of IMAGE Skincareis to offer safety products free of artificial conserving materials (eg. paraben).

  • All product lines of Image Skincare are free of paraben.
  • The products are not tested with animals.
  • They do not contain petrol-chemicals.
  • They do not contain artificial conserving materials.
  • The smells are 100 % volatile oil complexes.
  • The environment is respected.

The fast developing company is present in 27 countries of the world, in Europe, North and South America and in Middle East. The laboratory certified by FDA investigates the most developed scientific conponents on the present market and integrates them into the cosmetics of pharmaceutical quality. By that means there is a possibility to the medical doctors and cosmeticions to offer treatmens and products with unsurpassable results.
Image Skincare products are tested with high quality medical agents in ethical clinic environment. They are easy to use, they meet all the needs of the skin. Image Skincare really cares about the skin, every type and every day.Medical doctors, cosmeticians, owners of spas believe in the Image because they keep the skin fresh, healthy and young. Because they are effective.

Vital C – for dry/dehydrated, sensitive skin, and with a trend to Rosacea2image-termek

the Max – maximal correction, prevention, nutration in order to keep the young skin

Ormedic – for all types of skin with the cleanest bio components restores the balance of the skin

Prevention+ – wild range of UVA/UVB protection and maximal hydration in one step.



Everybody has an individual beauty, this beauty is only of their own as a gift of the nature and is based on the conduct of life. SENSAI respects the individuality and is ready to help you to be even more beautiful.The silk called as “second skin” due to the smooth structure of the material and its’ minimal transmissivity, is made of the most valueablefibre of the world. The most valueable one of all kinds of silk is a native species in Japan. This is the Koishimaru Silk mentioned as “precious treasure”.

The essence of SENSAI is the Koishimaru Silk. We have experienced that this valueable material has outstanding skin nourishing features against the other silks. As a result of intense dermathological research and following the testing of several silks, we have recognized that theKoishimaru Silk possesses the capabilities necessary to produce hialuron acid in the skin, which is essential to sustain the healthy, stretch and hydrated skin. It helps practically to produce an unmaculately beautiful skin and maintains the optimal moisture level called by us in SENSAI “the infinite ocean of moisture”. The moisture content of the cells of the skin is ensured by outside hydration and in the meantime we help the formation of hialuronacid so supporting the ability of the skin to regenerate.Our skin meets lots of outside stress building up continuously. Koishimaru Silk keeps and save the cosmetic power of the skin cells against the possible harmful effects by filling these cells with this regenerating infinite moisture. This is the effective secret of Koishimaru Silk and without that none of our anti-aging methods can not be successful.sensai_koishimarusilk_nikibolegaphotography

Energizing lifting – highly efficient anti-aging and stretching facial treatment

Young making treatment of mature skin – young making, stretching facial treatment

Intense hydrating anti – aging treatment for young people

Skin renewal treatment – anti-aging

Gloss promoting treatment

Intense treatment of eyes – young making treatment of the skin around the eyes

Deeply cleaning treatment for teenagers – facial cleaning treatment